When it comes to eBook publishing these days there are a raft of service providers out there who can help authors to realise their books in digital format. All these sites demonstrate different ways of achieving the same goal, getting independent authors ‘out there’ and into the selling space with as little hassle as possible. 

Some examples include: 

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2017 The year you get published

There’s a wealth of information about self-publishing and the making of books on the internet. But this blog offers to you a more South African perspective and a view of the publishing industry from the inside.

Staging Post was created by Jacana Media. It is a service bureau which makes accessible to independent authors the 200+ years of collective expertise at this publishing house. We provide professional book-making services such as editing, design and layout, proof-reading, printing and e-book conversion.

We hope that you will learn a lot from our posts. And for help with the kinds of skills you can’t learn from a blog, reach out to us!

Jacana staff

The things that authors dream of: being published; seeing their book piled up high in the window displays of every book shop; achieving fame and glory through an extensive author tour (just like in the movies); wonderful media coverage and glittering reviews; and a very well-attended book launch at which an enormous amount of copies are sold to a diverse crowd and everyone raves about the writing.  

The reality is different. It is difficult to get published, no matter what route you choose. Distribution is very tricky in our small South African market. It is very likely that fewer people will buy, read and enjoy your book than you hope, nevermind review or give it media coverage. And book launches don't sell books. Most people will come for the free food and drinks. Nor will the event be well-attended by a diverse crowd unless you have an invitation list to rival that of Kenny Kunene. Gasp!

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Jacana staff

Hi from Klara and Andy! We’re (technically) the Staging Post team. Because Staging Post was created by Jacana Media, and we share an office space and professional resources with them, we are able to keep a finger on the pulse of the publishing world from both the traditional/commercial and self-publishing perspective. This is all of us in the picture, at our office Christmas party last year.

In the spirit of making sure that 2017 is the year that you get published, we asked our team of experts what they think will be trending in books over the coming months and about what you can do this year to avoid the most common mistakes authors made in 2016.

The common view is that publishing is becoming less about convention and more about innovation. We hope that what they had to say will inspire you to innovate and be ahead of the curve this year.

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